Before we can authenticate, we need an Angular component to provide the user with a way to access this functionality. It enables us to use custom claims which we’ll leverage to build a flexible role-based API. Authenticate users using Email/password or Google/Facebook/Twitter /Phone (SMS) etc. In some cases, validating a username/password set with our Users table is enough, but often, we need a more fine-grained permissions model to allow certain users to access certain resources and restrict them from others. A Start-to-finish example with Angular and Typescript. The promise of one-click signups and logins has obvious appeal, but getting this up and running is often quite challenging. Thanks again and i hope this tutorial has helped you, In my (simple) opinion, the way you present your knowledge about 'How to Build a Role-based API with Firebase Authentication' we can argue about what is essential and what not, but that's not want, not intend to; no (arguing, oh no !). It then uses the Firebase Auth API to get a hand on the currently signed-in user. In addition, we’ll see how to use the API to authorize (or not) which users can access specific resources. Joaquin is a full-stack developer with over 12 years of experience working for companies like WebMD and Getty Images. Although Firebase provides a universal JavaScript API, AngularFire provides a convenient Angular wrapper around this functionality, allowing us to more easily add Firebase features within our framework. about the edit user functionality, your are right is not on the post, my main goal was to demonstrate how to secure the api and consume it from different clients, and that's why i didn't include that on the code example, nonetheless, i will update the post to include the functionality to create and edit a user. Create a new file named app-routing.module.ts within the app folder and set the contents as follows, noting that we are importing the LoginComponent and setting it to the root path. We just need next to add it to your login component. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to projects which means he always tries to help a business get the most value in the least amount of time possible. Building a system to support the latter is not trivial and can be very time consuming. social authentication. For using Google Authentication service in Firebase, we need to enable it. OAuth is the undisputed standard for authenticating over the web or in native mobile apps. You will need to copy your own Firebase configuration values to get it running. Within a handler, you can execute code and pass it to the next() handler or return a response. We will create a new service that will return a boolean Observable based upon authentication status to satisfy the requirements of CanActivate.

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